ADCO Electrical’s 21st Century Mission Statement

As ADCO Electrical Corp., one of the region’s leading licensed electrical, telecommunications and data service firms, continues to achieve new levels of performance on behalf of its clients it has authored a new corporate mission statement for the purpose of affirming its vision, corporate culture and continuing leadership in an ever changing 21st Century.

ADCO pledges to:

Harness the power of our expertise, integrity and experience for the purpose of providing our clients with the finest electrical, telecommunications and data infrastructure in the nation,

To recruit and employ those who share our vision, ethics and dedication to innovative solutions, exceptional customer service and attention to the client’s needs,

To set our industry’s national standard for performance, reliability, accountability and governance,

To maintain the highest principles of corporate citizenship including a sustained commitment to philanthropy that enhances the quality of life within the communities we serve,

To sustain our leadership by identifying the most cost effective methods of meeting the demanding needs of our customers while maintaining the highest ethical practices, and

To continue to seek new and progressive management strategies that create additional value to our clients while strengthening our company’s ability to excel in an industry that is crucial to the growth of our 21st Century digital society.

In business for nearly forty years, ADCO believes that while technology has advanced exponentially, requiring new skills to address ever more complex data and telecommunications installations, work ethic, business integrity and client service remains the company’s real stock in trade.

A privately owned women’s business enterprise, ADCO Electrical does not disclose proprietary financial statements but it achieves new levels of business success annually while fulfilling its corporate mission and embracing the values upon which it was founded.

ADCO now employees some 700 people working on behalf of Fortune 500 clients and sectors that range from the financial and legal communities to hospitals and universities.